MetroWild Front Hydration Pack

$30 - Front Pack/Hydration Pack. Free shipping. Try it; you'll like it! A Front Pack may seem unusual at first, but it makes your total load feel 10 lbs lighter. Cool because nothing touches your chest. The Front Pack hangs in front of you counterbalancing the backpack. The bottom of the Front Pack has a beaver tail strap that slips under your pack's waist belt, carrying most of the weight. Each top strap is clipped into a loop that hangs over the top posts on the StackPack frame, gently pulling the pack forward. Will work with any backpack with a waist belt and loops on the load lifter or shoulder straps. When you release your backpack waist belt, the Front Pack beaver tail is automatically freed and comes off easily. You won't feel trussed-up or get tangled in straps if you trip and fall.

The Front Pack has three compartments. In the middle you put snacks, camera, GPS, etc. The clear pocket facing towards you holds your maps, permits, etc. The large compartment in front will hold four 1 liter water bottles and provides a 'frame' that keeps the Front Pack in the right position. (The Front Pack will be too floppy if you use a water bladder...)

A DayPack too! The straps can be buckled at the bottom to make an ultralight little BACKpack for side trips or water refills. Slip the beaver tail in like a shirt tail and this little pack can carry a lot of weight comfortably. Made in China.

600 cuin capacity, weighs 9 oz, 12" x 18" flat with 9x12 clear vinyl window. Fabric is thick ripstop nylon with a heavy waterproof coating inside. Water bottles leaks in one compartment will not get into the other compartments.

The RIBZ Front Pack
We found a box of these on the shelf. This is the original green Military style heavy duty Ribz with big zippers and wide straps. Bigger and stronger than the current design. Click the picture to go to the Ribz website to order their latest version.

$35 - RIBZ® Front Pack. Free shipping.


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