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UltraLite Stuff-It Pillow - 2.5 ounces

"Stuff-It" Pillow -- $35 Free shipping to 50 states.
BIG 18" x 14" but weighs only 2.5 ounces. Many campers, travelers, and backpackers save weight by making a pillow from a stuff sack filled with clothes, and get a lumpy, misshapen, uncomfortable pillow. We add two layers of open cell springy foam on top of the clothes and a breathable nylon cover to make a smooth, totally comfortable pillow. The concave edges allow you to nest the pillow low on your head with no pressure on sore shoulders. You can stuff in shirts, pants, down jacket, towels, food bags, socks, etc to make the pillow thickness you like. The loading flap on the nylon cover has a velcro closure to keep everything inside all night. Keeps your spare clothes clean inside your pack, pannier, or tent.

Free Air Bladder! We also include an ultralight 1/2 ounce inflatable air bladder that you can use between the two layers of foam if you don't want to use clothes. This air bladder is so tough you can use it for a sit pad with no damage.

Non-allergenic, easy to clean, no fiberfill stuffing to degrade or get contaminated. Does not hold water... can be rinsed off, wrung-out, and used immediately. The blue/black nylon dries quickly in the sun and stays clean. The LuxuryLite® Stuff-It Pillow fits great inside the hood of any mummy sleeping bag...

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Spare Air Bladder -- $5
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