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The only carbon staff with a lifetime breakage warranty.
Every other hiking pole is either... heavier, or easy to break.

"I threw on my backpack (roughly 25 pounds) and did a 6.5 mile walk this afternoon, I can't believe the efficency in using your sticks. At 57 years old, 2 knee surgeries and currently without an ACL on one leg and a bad MCL on the other, I can't believe how much less sore my knees were after the walk. I took 13 minutes off the walk --Paul K. 12/2014

$159.95 -- The 50 inch BigStik™ Includes two 15" Carbon Sections, one 11" Carbon Section, Slide/Lock Handstrap, rubber top cap with camera mount screw, and 9" Aluminum Epoxy/Glass filled tip. (You can put any drug store rubber cane tip (5/8" or 3/4") on the end for using the BigStik on slick paved surfaces.) Weighs 9.8 ounces (278gm) Free Shipping to 50 States.
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$199.95 -- The 65 inch BigStik™ Free Shipping to 50 States.
Adds a 15" Carbon Section to the 50 inch BigStik.
Weighs 11.4 ounces (323gm)

$15 -- Upgrade to the 'Texas Toothpick'.
The 11" Carbon Section is upgraded to the Texas Toothpick for sticking in the dirt for camera selfies.

$55 -- Add the Monster Carbide Tip.
We embed a 3/8" diameter 4 flute pure carbide milling machine bit into a 9" epoxy filled aluminum tip. This tip will last for thousands of miles on pure rock trails and sticks on any surface. Adds two ounces.

$35 -- International shipping via Priority Air Mail for one BigStik to Canada and most other countries.
$40 -- UPS 2nd Day Air to 50 States for one or two BigStiks.
$85 -- UPS Next Day Air to 50 States for one or two BigStiks.

$79.95 -- 38" Mouse Top Cork Cane
The top is genuine mahogany that we hand shape like a computer mouse and the tip is plugged with a real wine cork. You won't look like an old fogey with this cane! It uses one 15" and one 11" Carbon Section. Packs down to 18" long. The height is 38 inches and you can cut the aluminum tip to make a cane as short as 32 inches. Or we can do that for you.
Weighs 8.4 ounces (238gm) Free Shipping to 50 States.

Click here to order a custom length BigStik

Click here to order BigStik Accessories... cane tops, pro camera mount, etc.
The perfect staff for thru-hikers or weekend walks... because it won't fail you in the middle of nowhere. LifeTime Breakage Warranty because this is not a new, unproven product; we sold the firt BigStik in 2007. After seven years and almost a hundred thousand trail miles all aspects of the design have been tested and proven. The patented joints have no wiggle, never get loose, and are actually stronger than the shaft. You get one 11" and two 15" Carbon Sections plus the 9" Aluminum Tip with epoxy/glass fill that will last 2,000 trail miles. Includes the patented Slide/Lock Hand Strap and the rubber top cap with Camera Mount bolt (for small point & shoot cameras). Packs down to 18" long to fit easily in your pack or suitcase.

Change the height of your BigStik every few seconds on rocky up and down trail sections. The Slide/Lock Strap uses a Prussik knot that slides easily when you push up or down where the cord encircles the staff, but grips instantly and never slips with downward pressure on the hand loop.

The anodized aluminum tip has epoxy/glass fill at the bottom that sticks on rocks better than carbide and lasts 2,000+ miles. And the wide aluminum tips do not damage tree roots and trails like those sharp carbide tips. Pull off the Tip and you'll see all the carbon sections are hollow... airport security can see right through. Or, the BigStik becomes a long pipe to collect water from hard to reach streams or seeps.

Frank Carney, 8-11-2014 -- "Iím a fan. ...after my recent hike of the kora circumambulating Mt. Kawa Kharpo in Tibet. Over a 100 miles of the trek I was climbing up and down between 6,000 and 15,000 feet. The trails were often very steep... Without your hiking poles I'm not sure I could have succeeded on that trek. ...I have my GoPro mounted to make picture taking even easier. I also use your camera mount with my Gatewood Cape tarptent and don't have to carry a separate tent pole."

Want to carry less food and not get hungry?... hike with ONE BigStik hiking pole. Want to burn more calories?... then walk with two poles: In the Feb 19, 2013 issue at "According to the American Nordic Walking Association walking with two poles burns more that 40 percent more calories per hour and works more muscles than normal walking." If you are a long distance hiker, then use one BigStik and, on easy trail sections, swing it horizontally in your hand for the most efficient natural stride... allowing you to carry less food weight.

Features of LuxuryLite® BigStik are protected by US Patent 8,136,542.
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