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The LuxuryLite® KoozyKitchen 2-Minute Stove

$65 -- The LuxuryLite® KoozyKitchen 2-Minute Stove.
Includes the click-start Stainless Steel Stove, 750ml SS Cup, 1qt Poly Cup, and Neoprene Koozy
Not Included: 4 oz gas canister. Any size will screw on, but only the 4oz canister will nest inside.
Uuses the small 110gram butane/propane screw-on canisters, any brand.
Create a hot meal for one with 2 minutes of fuel with no pots or dishes to clean.
Cooks zip bag meals, grocery store shelf-stable wet entrees, and military MREs.
Not a gram of fuel wasted because you never unscrew the gas canister until it's empty.
Weighs 13 ounces without fuel canister.
Warning: Like any gas canister stove, if you knock it over while lighted, it will shoot flames like a blowtorch.
Not to be used inside a tent; and don't cook with it between your legs.

$5 shipping to the 50 states.
$12 -- 4oz Gas Canister... available only with an order for the Koozy Kitchen Stove.

Add $30 -- International Express Mail shipping charge for one or two Koozy Kitchens to most countries.

Never a dirty dish or pot to wash! Uses less fuel than a JetBoil. Not one drop of water wasted. The LuxuryLite® Koozy Kitchen is a compact, light weight camp kitchen that uses standard butane/propane canisters. Originally developed to teach new Boy Scouts to comply with 'Leave No Trace' rules while cooking dry backpacking food. The Koozy Kitchen cooks dried food in zip bags, grocery store wet entrees like Hormel Compleats and Dinty Moore, and military MRE food packs. The best stove there is for cooking one-person meals. To cook for two, you need two Koozy Kitchens. To cook for a group, go to WalMart and get a big two-burner stove with big pots and pans.

When you prepare a hot meal with the Koozy Kitchen you'll see four advantages:
1) No dirty dishes to wash,
2) No chance of unsanitary contamination,
3) No water is dumped or wasted, and
4) the Koozy Kitchen uses less fuel to heat a meal than any other portable stove..

How? ... because it only takes two minutes of fuel for a piping hot meal then the meal heat-soaks in the insulated koozy for 5-20 minutes using all the heat to warm the food:

1) Put about a cup of water in the 24oz stainless steel cup and put a folded MRE or grocery store entree bowl into the water.
2) Click the piezo start and set the stainless steel stove to high flame and heat/boil for two minutes.
3) Then dump the water and MRE into the neoprene insulated plastic coozy and cover with the SS cup.
4) After 5 minutes the hot water will totally heat soak the food and it will stay hot for 30 minutes.
5) Romove the entree bowl, open and eat. Leave the MRE inside the neoprene coozy, cut off the end and eat with a long spoon.
6) Fold up the empty food package and store it back into your bear can or food container.
7) Make hot cocoa with the purified water, or let it cool and drink it.

If you like dried camp food entrees, just prepack single servings into zip lock bags, pour the boiling water into the zip bag
and drop it into the koozy for 5-15 minutes. And it stays hot while you eat it.

No wasted fuel. All the parts of the Koozy Kitchen nest together allowing you to leave the canister attached to the stove until it is empty. This eliminates dirt contamination from getting onto the threads and eventually clogging the orifice. And you lose no gas from detaching and attaching the canister several times each day.

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